Using Rehab as a Chance to Recharge

Using Rehab as a Chance to Recharge

Addiction recovery programs suffer from an unfortunate, and inaccurate, bad reputation. Due to their depiction in popular culture, rehab programs are often imagined to be dismal, miserable, prison-like, mental hospitals with bad food, stark artificial light and terrible people. While these depictions have certainly made for effective comedy and drama over the last several decades, the truth about these centers is vastly different than most people suspect. In fact, many people look back on their time in rehab as a much-needed chance to rest, heal and recharge from the draining and toxic effects of substance abuse.

Understanding Modern Rehab

Addiction treatment, along with most mental health care, has come a long way in recent years. Once believed to be the result of bad character, or even evil spirits, modern addiction recovery experts understand that addiction is a disease with both physiological and psychological roots. Even a substance such as marijuana, which is not technically addictive in a physical sense, can create a powerful psychological addiction. Users find that they are unable to feel normal, comfortable or at peace, without getting high. Jobs, friends, family members, even marriages, all take a back seat to addiction. In the end this act that once seemed like so much fun winds up locking you in a cage.

Millions have suffered the life-limiting effects of drugs and alcohol but have been unable to quit no matter how desperately they wanted to. They find themselves unable to stop because addiction functions in a much deeper and more powerful part of the brain than conscious thought. Where old-fashioned addiction treatment programs focused on preventing access to drugs, forcing a person to undergo miserable withdrawal and then trying to use fact-based scare tactics to convince addicts to stay clean, modern programs are much more nuanced and sophisticated. The vast majority of patients in this old system relapsed shortly after leaving treatment. This is because nothing was done to correct the neurological changes addiction had caused to the brain. The most effective contemporary programs go to great lengths to help addicts repair that damage. Through a combination of counseling, education and skill development these centers create an environment that allows for true, thorough, deeply-rooted healing.

Unlike the insane asylum imagery in the media, the best modern rehab programs offer the following amenities:

  • Clean, comfortable resting conditions
  • Excellent and varied meal menus
  • Respectful and caring staff doctors, counselors and instructors
  • Access to healthy diversions such as films, television, the internet and outings
  • High-quality skill development, exercises and practice
  • Support group gatherings
  • Creative arts and expression therapy

Some programs are in urban environments while others feel like country retreats. Options and amenities range from simple and low-cost to rich and luxurious. Clients are also allowed to leave whenever they choose. While early departure is discouraged, the doors are not locked in most rehab centers. Your odds of successfully overcoming the disease are greatly reduced if you don’t complete treatment, but rehab is not a prison.

The Importance of Rest

One of the most important aspects of inpatient treatment is the rest it allows the addict to experience as he or she engages in the work of healing and recovery. Addiction is an incredibly stressful disease. Odds are that your disease has created strain on your family, finances, career and the most important personal relationships you have. It has likely caused you to neglect the hobbies and passions that were once very important to you. You may face legal or financial problems as a result of your drug use. All of those stressors weigh you down. They steal the joy from your life and blind you to all of the good things you have going for you. You are probably not sleeping well. You may be eating too much, or too little. Your health is probably deteriorating. Simply put, you need a break.

In addition to learning coping skills and the way different underlying psychological issues may be contributing to your drug use, rehab is an opportunity to unplug from the rat race of addiction and to recharge in the following ways:

  • Re-establish healthy sleep cycles
  • Have easy access to healthy, nutritious and delicious food
  • Plenty of time to talk, listen, laugh and get to know others
  • Opportunities to engage in creative exercises such as painting, poetry, writing, music, sculpture, cooking or design
  • Participate in refreshing and invigorating outdoor activities

People recharge in many different ways. Some need quiet time while others thrive on activity. The most effective rehab programs take the time to develop unique treatment plans for each individual client based on his or her specific needs.

Finding the Best Treatment Program

If you would like help finding the best possible program for your addiction recovery please call our toll-free helpline right now. No matter the day or the hour our staff is standing by with free, confidential, no-strings-attached advice and help. Sure, there is work to do in rehab. And no, it won’t all be a piece of cake. But one of the most important advantages of immersive recovery treatment is that you get a chance to step away from the stress and pressure of every day life in order to focus on your own health and wellness. Rest is an enormous part of that process. You need a physical, emotional and even spiritual recharge. We can help you find it. Call now.