What Are Street Names for Marijuana?

What Are Street Names for Marijuana?

There are numerous common street names and slang terms for marijuana. The word marijuana itself is another term for the actual drug called cannabis. The word marijuana is believed to be derived from the old Mexican Spanish word marihuana.  Different slang terms have many different origins and reasons for use. It can often be difficult for family members to understand when a marijuana user is talking about doing drugs because of slang terms.

Identifying Your Loved One’s Marijuana Abuse

The purpose of the development of slang terms is often to hide the discussion and use of drugs from authorities or other people. Slang terms often vary according to the particular region and can even refer to the month or time of day. Some common slang terms include the following:

  • Ganja – Possibly derived from the ancient Sanskrit word, ganjika, which means “belonging to the Ganges” river, where marijuana was a naturally occurring plant.
  • Joint – Joint was often used to refer to shady establishments where someone could obtain illegal marijuana.
  • Pot – Derived from the shortened version of the Spanish word, potiguaya, which refers to marijuana leaves, and is a contraction of potación de guaya, a wine or brandy made of steeped marijuana buds.
  • Blunt – Refers to a type of cigar with a broad and rounded tip that looks like a rolled marijuana cigarette.
  • Chronic – It often refers to marijuana that is of a very high quality, and may have originated from the original definition meaning a frequent or recurring experience
  • 420 – The origins for this slang term are relatively unknown but it is highly popular. People often throw pot smoking parties on April 20th to commemorate the number. It is also often used as an official time of the day to smoke marijuana.

The development of new slang terms for marijuana continues to increase as authorities learn older slang terms and street names. Some street names are invented to describe a certain type of marijuana with a certain potency level so that users know what product they are getting. Some other common street names and slang terms for marijuana include the following:

  • Weed
  • Reefer
  • Grass
  • Dope
  • Mary Jane
  • Herb
  • Broccoli
  • Roach

Many slang terms are derived from things that have a similar green color to the majority of marijuana, such as weed or grass. There are also many common phrases that people use to disguise the act of smoking marijuana, such as “bugging out” or “blazing.” Recognizing slang terms and street names for marijuana may be an essential step in getting a loved one the help they need to stop using marijuana.

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