What’s the Average Length of Stay in Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

What’s the Average Length of Stay in Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

It is natural to wonder how long marijuana addiction will last, and it is often the first question a marijuana addict will ask. There are several options with varying time spans available for treating marijuana addiction. Some marijuana users may require a longer treatment than others. The type and duration of marijuana addiction treatment you require depends on how severe your addiction is and how well you respond to treatment. Before deciding the duration of your marijuana addiction treatment, it is important to understand the differences between the types of treatment.

What Happens in Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Marijuana addiction treatment typically begins with detoxification. Detox can last as long as two to three weeks, and it involves allowing marijuana and all other substances to exit the body. Detox is not a substitute for marijuana addiction treatment, but instead, it is the first step in preparing you for the treatment you will receive. After marijuana detox, you will begin receiving treatment for your addiction, which may consist of individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, classes or seminars on marijuana addiction, or other types of treatment.

How Long Does Marijuana Addiction Treatment Take?

There are different types of programs available for marijuana addiction treatment, and each one has its own length of stay. Some treatment programs are as short as 30 days while others may last 90 days or more. The length of addiction treatment should not matter as much as the quality of treatment you will receive. During 30-day marijuana addiction treatment, detox may be shorter than the longer programs, and you may not receive as many types of treatment following detox. Sixty-day marijuana addiction treatment allows for a longer detox process, and it offers more intensive treatment. Ninety-day programs allow for the most in-depth treatment, and they are great for severe cases of marijuana addiction.

Are You Searching for Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

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