When Using Marijuana Becomes a Habit

When Using Marijuana Becomes a Habit

Marijuana is a drug commonly used recreationally for its ability to cause a euphoric “high.” There’s a culture that surrounds marijuana use and many people do not recognize its addictive powers. However, regular marijuana use can become a habit that can not only be difficult to break but can also have a devastating impact on one’s life. When marijuana use becomes a habit, it is necessary to get professional help in order to recover.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

While marijuana for the most part does not cause a physical dependency like many others drugs, it still has the potential to cause strong psychological addiction because it causes feelings of euphoria. Many people will get wrapped up in a lifestyle of using marijuana and will come to depend on it to get them through the day. Someone might use marijuana to escape reality or self-medicate negative feelings. Getting high can become a response to almost any issue in life; it can become an obsession, something around which every other part of that person’s life revolves. The following are signs that your marijuana use might be a serious problem:

  • You use marijuana daily or regularly
  • You’ve tried to stop but you can’t
  • You are experiencing trouble at work, school, or with relationships as a result of your marijuana use
  • You obsess about obtaining marijuana or worry about concealing your use of the drug
  • You continue to use the drug regardless of the consequences
  • You begin to exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors such as lying or stealing in order to possess more of the drug
  • You feel like you need the drug in order to live or function

Is Marijuana Abuse a Problem?

Though many people believe that marijuana use is merely harmless fun, it can actually have severe consequences. Marijuana can have lasting effects on your health, causing respiratory problems, decreased immune system functioning, and an elevated heart rate. Additionally, it can significantly affect the mind, causing memory loss, a decreased ability to learn, impaired cognition, and an increased risk of mental illness. Someone who uses marijuana regularly will find less pleasure in everyday activities, which can result in depression. Not only does a marijuana habit impact your health, but it can also cause you to do or say things that put you or others at risk.

Marijuana Addiction Help

Are you worried about the direction your marijuana use is heading? Continual marijuana use is dangerous territory, so it is important to reach out for help before it becomes a full-blown addiction. If left alone the problem will continue to worsen, so please call and let one of our trained counselors get you the help you need. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have, so call our toll-free helpline now.