Who Can I Talk to About Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Who Can I Talk to About Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Legalization in many countries combined with the fact that many people see marijuana use as harmless has resulted in chronic marijuana use and addiction. Marijuana has become one of the most commonly used and abused illicit substances in the world.

Many new users are drawn to marijuana because in many circles the drug is believed to be relatively harmless. Responsible for this aura of safety surrounding marijuana use are unique withdrawal symptoms and the fact that many people use marijuana on a short term basis (before long-term consequences are revealed).

But perhaps the most legitimate reason for marijuana’s popularity is the enormous amount of social pressure surrounding the drug. Marijuana is a drug of choice in many urban scenarios and among high school and college students. Marijuana’s ability to break social barriers and maintain a presence in a diversity of age groups is unprecedented.

Marijuana produces psychoactive and psychological effects in the mind of its user when tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) attaches to neurotransmitters in the brain. This gives marijuana its hallucinogenic properties. Powerful hallucinogenic properties, an aura of safety surrounding the substance, social pressure and ease of availability have made chronic marijuana use somewhat epidemic since its mainstream popularity in the sixties and early seventies.

Where to Turn for Help with Marijuana Addiction

If you began using marijuana recreationally only to find that you have been left with an overwhelming and painful addiction, there are many resources available to provide you with a successful rehab. Because marijuana possession and consumption is illegal in the United States, it can be difficult to know where to turn and who to discuss your addiction with.

During this time, a trusted doctor or other medical professional can be one of the best resources available to you. Not only will a trusted doctor be able to protect your privacy, but they will also be able to help you understand the progression of your addiction and see what some of the underlying causes may be. Your doctor or therapist will also be well equipped to help you find quality treatment centers in your area should you decide to seek treatment.

When making the decision to talk with your friends and family members about your addiction you should take a few things into consideration. Friends and family members can be very helpful in providing a consistent and reliable network of support during your rehab process. However, if your marijuana use stems from your family atmosphere or certain social scenarios, you should make every effort to avoid seeking counsel from these individuals.

For a while, it will be easy for you to convince yourself that you have your marijuana addiction under control. Permanent physical and psychological repercussions are a real possibility. Long-term marijuana use is also dangerous in the ways that it opens users up to experiment with other types of controlled substances.

Talk about Marijuana Addiction and Treatment

If you have questions regarding an addiction to marijuana or any other controlled substance, please do not hesitate to call us. We are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline and look forward to helping you find the recovery solutions you’re looking for.