Why Is Marijuana Called a Gateway Drug?

Why Is Marijuana Called a Gateway Drug?

You may have heard marijuana referred to as a gateway drug, and some people misinterpret the term gateway drug as meaning that marijuana will cause users to take other drugs. While this is not true, it has been shown that marijuana users are more likely to move on to abusing harder drugs than someone that has never used marijuana. Marijuana doesn’t cause you to abuse hard drugs, but if you abuse marijuana you are more likely to develop a pattern of drug abuse that leads to the use of other drugs.

Marijuana Creates Pattern of Drug Abuse

When using marijuana becomes a habit, marijuana can be dangerous. You can become addicted to marijuana, and you will become susceptible to abusing other drugs and continuing your pattern of abuse with these stronger and more addictive drugs. While marijuana is addictive and can control your life, drugs like opiates are even more addictive, and you could be hooked on such a drug within days of first use.

What to Do If You Are Addicted to Marijuana

If you abuse drugs on a regular basis, you may be suffering from an addiction, and it is important that you get help. There are many addiction treatment centers available to help you beat drug addiction, you just need to find the one for you. When selecting a drug addiction center, be sure to find one that focuses on your physical addiction to drugs along with your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Make sure the center has experience with marijuana addition recovery. Healing from drug addiction occurs on multiple fronts, and unless every aspect is considered, you won’t be able to fully heal.

Get Marijuana Abuse or Addiction Help Today

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