Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Marijuana Abuse Help

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Marijuana Abuse Help

It is easy to believe that you have marijuana, alcohol or drug use under control. Even if you have your marijuana use under control now, if you are experiencing any of the signs of addiction, now is the time to seek help. Find out more about the risks of marijuana and find out how to quit marijuana for good.

Don’t Run the Risk of Being Arrested for Marijuana Use or Possession

In most states, marijuana use is still illegal. Marijuana has been proven to be psychologically addictive, and if you feel like you need weed in order to relax, sleep or maintain calmness, this may be a sign that you are running the risk of being caught with marijuana. Possession of marijuana is considered a drug crime in most states. Possession includes a number of scenarios including the following:

  • Marijuana in your home or vehicle
  • Marijuana or weed accessories like pipes or even growing seeds in your belongings
  • Any marijuana item in your pockets, backpack, car, home or purse

Depending on how much pot you have at any given time, your charges may range from drug possession, driving under the influence or intent to distribute or traffic marijuana. The penalties for these crimes can destroy your career and your future.

If you have already been caught with marijuana, you may be facing jail time or heavy fines. One way to help yourself is to work with your lawyer and the court system to attend drug counseling or rehab. We can help. If you are interested in stopping the use of marijuana or working with your legal team to avoid higher penalties, we may be able to assist you.

Marijuana Can Affect Your Career and Family

Even in states where marijuana is legal, you may run into some serious problems when employers do not agree with marijuana regulations. Many employers use random drug screenings to test employees for marijuana use. The best way to prevent this situation is to seek support to stop using marijuana now.

Addiction Will Not Cure Itself, Find Marijuana Abuse Help Now

Whether you are addicted to marijuana or not, there are usually differing and complicated reasons for chronic marijuana use. You may experience anxiety or depression when you do not use marijuana. You may be surrounded by other people who use marijuana, making it harder to stop this drug.

If you are using marijuana more than once a week, you may have a marijuana addiction. There is support available to help you, and we can help you get in touch with the best support available. Our helpline is operated 24 hours a day and is toll-free and completely confidential. Speak to one of our phone counselors now to find out how we can help you.