Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Marijuana

Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Marijuana

Many addicts believe they can achieve sobriety and recovery based on their willpower alone, and this is particularly true with marijuana. But willpower alone is not enough, for several reasons. Before discussing these reasons, it is vital to dispel a common myth related to willpower and recovery.

Entering a Recovery Program Does not Indicate Weakness

The belief that seeking professional treatment indicates weakness is a powerful lie, one that causes an addict to feel like failure if he even considers therapy or a recovery program. This myth tells the addict that if only he were stronger, he could do it on his own. The truth is far different though – it takes strength for an addict to admit he needs help. In the moment he asks for help, he is closer to a marijuana-free life.

Why Willpower Is not Enough

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why willpower alone is not sufficient for recovery from any addiction, even one that has a reputation of being harmless, such as marijuana.

  1. It is hard to stay motivated. Most people need more than the idea of a better life to accomplish any long-term change in habits and focus. In this sense, breaking an addiction is no different than dieting. Most individuals who go on a diet, without any support, will eventually fail. They will wake up one day and just decide it’s not worth the effort. The same is true with battling an addiction.
  2. Emotions trigger addictive behaviors. It only takes one terrible day to break a sobriety streak. Conversely, it only takes one celebratory moment to ruin the hard work of staying away from marijuana as well. With a recovery program, there are others to settle your emotions and guide you toward better choices when emotions try to sway you back into addiction.
  3. There is power in community. An addict’s mind will play tricks on her. She might tell herself she is the only person who is struggling with a marijuana addiction, or that she is not deserving of a drug-free life. The community an addict can find in a recovery program or therapy will be able to convince her that these thoughts are just not true.

If you are battling a drug addiction, we can help you. We can answer your questions. The admission counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction. They can help you find your way.